Creative Ecosystems

ecosystem: something (such as a network of businesses) considered to resemble an ecological ecosystem especially because of its complex interdependent parts (Merriam Webster)

A Million Dots was named after the belief that culture is not a secluded sector, rather an open one, with intricate relations to socio-economic dynamics, and a prominent role to play in innovation and change across the board. A Million Dots approaches culture as an ever-changing symbolical network of policies, places, game-changers, and, yes, opportunities. Ecosystems can be cities, countries, regions, platforms.

When we work within a new ecosystem, we do not solely focus on cultural offer, rather on how culture is viewed in correlation to identity, language, knowledge, development, and sectors like creative industries, media, fashion, and tech.

We always strive to draw bridges and imagine projects that can benefit people who need it and bring about real local change.

We have collaborated with techies and craftsmen, convinced as we are that culture and creation can re-enchant and bring meaning to all human interactions and uses.

We document models for the future in emerging global areas, with a non-traditional approach.

We empower key players in each ecosystem.

Let’s collab.