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Claire Solery has a 10-year experience in cultural events management thanks to her work with the Communicating the Museum conference and her role as a Director of the We Are Museums platform from 2013 to 2019.

She has acquired a unique set of skills on issues related to culture professionals: the way they work, what they aspire to, how they network.

She founded A Million Dots in 2019, an agency dedicated to the development of cultural ecosystems. The agency creates events and strategies to help cultural organizations find their place on the global, regional and local scale.

She has a demonstrated track record of tackling diverse cultural economies, working with Europe, (France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain) Africa, (Morocco, Togo) and Asia (South Korea) as an event creator, organizer and a cultural engineer.

 She is also a published expert in South Korean pop culture and a cultural translator.

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How we work


Whether you are looking to get a keener sense of emerging cultural economies and trends or want to connect ecosystems and individuals, A Million Dots provides bespoke auditing service complete with facts, figures, and insights from esteemed professionals, all to provide you with an enlightened and honest feedback on ways to collaborate and thrive in a given place.

Connecting with game changers

A Million Dots works, like many other agencies, in a very agile ways, enlisting the help of its trusted partner network for each project. More crucially, we believe in powerful individuals changing the game where they are. When all else fails, human intelligence is what makes the difference.


Inevitably, when working in the business of human intelligence, we are, ourselves, very human. Expect conversations, and if you are a go for late night emailing of great ideas that will or won’t get the morning coffee vetting, so are we.